For many years, Wiel and Ell dedicate themselves to the child leukaemia fund. By means of their creativity they seek to raise money to support this fund. For example, the entrance fees of the Alternative Hair Show are largely transferred to the World Research Leukaemia.

The initiator of this festival, Tony Rizzo, lost his 2 year old son Valentino due to Leukaemia 25 years ago. Due to this sad experience he and several English colleagues organized the first Alternate Hair Show of which the entrance fees were transferred to the World Research Fund. Today, 25 years later, despite his big success and worldwide recognition his main aim is still to make a contribution to this fund… which characterizes him.


Ell also lost a sister to Leukaemia. Therefore a warm feeling towards this event came into existence. In the mean time they have originated several projects themselves to raise money for this fund on their own account.


Pieke Potloed is one of the projects that they have used to raise money. Pieke Potloed is a puppet created by the Maastricht artist Pieke Dassen. At their request he has created a small statue of the puppet with the same name. Many copies of the small statue of Pieke Potlood have been sold at a donation of 25 euros.


The first project started in 1995 with the construction of a hair sculpture in which the hair of several top colleagues from the whole world were processed; Vidal Sassoon, Luis llongueras, Anthony Mascolo and many others. This sculpture is by means of a donation put up for raffle to the contributors and has raised 60000 euros.


Other projects are a painting and a small piece of tin art manufactured by Wiel en Ell that also yielded considerable amounts. By doing so they want to show that by being creative and energetic you can achieve very much. At this very moment a painting project is running in which they surprise famous colleagues to create an emotional painting on the spot to sell this later or to be put to raffle in order to raise money for the child leukaemia fund. At this moment they own 23 paintings of the most trend-setting colleagues around the world.

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